Mother’s Day 2011

My daughter's portrait of her mom.

My daughter's portrait of her mom

It’s hard to believe I just celebrated my seventh Mother’s Day as a mommy! Not only do I absolutely adore hearing my child tell me she loves me, but I also use this day to sit my child down and tell her how much I love being her mom!

Here are highlights from Mother’s Day 2011:

Best Card: I was lucky enough to receive several cards this year. I opened many cards from my daughter, as well as from my husband. My favorite card was a fill-in-the-blank card from my daughter’s school.

Here are the highlights:

My mother is the most wonderful mom in the world. She is a pretty as a “dafdil.” She weighs about “200 pounds” and is about “20 feet tall.” Her favorite food is “strawbarry.” I like it when she makes “my hart fele good.” I think my mom is funny when she “shos me piohrs of wen she has glasis.” (shows me pictures of when she had glasses) I know my mom is really angry when she “tells me to go to my room.” I love her because she “is the best.”

Favorite Tradition: I also am blessed to receive a card from my mom every year, and this tradition started long before I was a mom. My maternal grandmother died when my mom was only five years old, so since she did not have a mother to send cards, she sends Mother’s Day cards to her children every year. The message was simple: I love being your mom.

Best Surprise: My daughter and husband teamed up to decorate the kitchen with streamers, balloons and flowers. It was my daughter’s idea, and my wonderful husband did all the work!

Best Moments: I like the simple moments of being together, and I think my favorites were reading Harry Potter and playing Angry Birds with my daughter. I also loved taking a walk with my child, husband and dog. Happy!

Wishing all my fellow moms out there a very happy Mother’s Day all year long!

– LTV Mom

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