Taste This! by Gina von Esmarch

Taste This! by Gina von Esmarch

Taste This! by Gina von Esmarch

I had the pleasure of testing a new cookbook written by San Francisco-based chef (and mom blogger) Gina von Esmarch.  Gina comes from a foodie family; in fact, her grandparents founded, and her family still runs, the famous Aliotos on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Gina’s new cookbook called Taste This! is perfectly suited for this working-mom who would love to be on Top Chef, but is content cooking for her family and friends. Gina’s collection of recipes for appetizers, entrees, salads, drinks and (amazing) desserts are both flavorful and (hallelujah!) easy to prepare.

Let me just say this: when it comes to a dinner party, I am an appetizer girl because I believe the appetizer sets the tone for the evening.  We always open our best bottle of wine first, so it’s important to serve good food from the moment a dinner party begins.  Gina provides some great ideas, here are my favorites:

  • Red Grapes & Red Onions – roasted grapes and onion, served on goat cheese, with crackers or bread.  This dish is super-easy to prepare, with delicious flavors and perfect texture. Rave reviews at my last dinner party! (Recipe is on page 11of the book.)
  • Cucumber Pillows — cucumbers, bread, spices (think funky finger sandwiches).  Light, refreshing and beyond easy to make. (Recipe is on page 15 of the book.)
  • Parmesan Crisps — bread, cheese, garlic, olive oil.  This recipe makes little slices of cheesy-Heaven.  (Recipe is on page 21 of the book.)

If you are intrigued, check out posts from other foodies:

Author Gina says: “The goal of Taste This! is simple, bring good food and good flavors back to the table.  Whether you are a working parent or a career individual that wants to bring people together at the table, you will find ideas to inspire your inner cook.”

Thank you, Gina. I am inspired!

Click HERE to purchase Taste This! for $30 (includes S&H).

- LTV Mom

12 Responses to “Taste This! by Gina von Esmarch”

  1. 1 Stefanie Penland

    Try the linguine & brie!! It’s melt-in-your-mouth devine and so easy! Gina is THE BEST cook and I’m so happy to finally get a glimpse of what’s behind the “Gina magic” with this book. Bellissima!

  2. 2 Shelly

    I actually received this book for Christmas! Fun, easy recipes that seem so simple yet taste great!

  3. 3 Sandy

    I received this book for Christmas from my California daughter. Love the simple - yet delicious recipes. Thanks for helping me be a “chef”. Congratulations on your book.

  4. 4 Gina von (andrea lini)

    Dear LTV Mom- Thank you so much for having taken the time to try so many of the appetizers. I couldn’t agree with you more, great appetizers and the best wine you have to serve, set the tone for the night. After all, guests deserve to be treated like GUESTS. That said, we are busy and need time for ourselves. I find for a little extra mommy time I even have my little ones help out on the preparation so that someday soon, they can discover their own variations. I’d love to hear what is next on your list of things to try out. I am working on a whole new batch of pasta recipes that I hope to share with you someday soon!
    gina von (andrea lini- just for you LTVM)

  5. 5 Deborah Smith

    I made the Finger Lickin’ Chicken. The name is right no the money and only 4 ingredients including the chicken. Can’t beat that. I am looking forward to trying all of the recipes. They’re super easy and everything looks delicious.

    Deb S.

  6. 6 Nicole R

    Oh God, I need to grab a copy of this book. Not only are these descriptions making me hungry, if the recipes are as easy as you say, this cooking reject might be able prepare a decent meal for my friends/family. :) Fingers crossed! Thanks Gina and LTV Mom

  7. 7 Stephanie

    Couldn’t agree with this review more. This cookbook is OUTSTANDING!

  8. 8 kristi

    oh wow, I’m totally hungry. Sitting here with the NCAA on (why? no clue, well, remote is too far away to reach with 2 cats crowding the laptop on my lap) headed to Borders in the morning to snag a copy, I could use some cheezy slices of heaven!

  9. 9 Robin

    This book sounds fantastic and knowing the writer’s background confirms that this stuff is QUALITY! I also love to cook and entertain and agree that the apps with wine or cocktails is probably the most fun part of the evening. Agree with you all that these recipes sound so simple yet totally delicious. What’s not to love, right? Thanks for the link so now I can get one myself! Great post, Stacy. And Congrats to Gina on the book :)

  10. 10 Evelyn Libby

    I received the cook book as a gift and I absolutely love trying the recipes. Hope you do another one in the future. Thanks. Evelyn

  11. 11 Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama

    I love the Red Grapes & Red Onions and since I love goat cheese, I’ve discovered it is so tasty slathered on a thick slice of toasted rustic bread and topped with the grapes and onions. We’re actually trying the Greek Chicken Salad tonight but am sure that we’ll love it since everything from Gina’s cookbook is great so far!

  12. 12 Justy Ragan (Burdick)

    Hi Gina, I know that I am not the smartest knife in the drawer, but I had a really hard time trying to order more then one of Taste This.
    I need four books and it only lets me order one at a time. So I gave up. I would love to have four more ( mI already have one for myself) for my friends. Let me know the easiest way to go about this. Thank you, Justy

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