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Flood Relief in Iowa


Thanks to the moms at Work It: A Blog for Working Moms for sharing ways to help with flood relief in the Midwest.  Iowa Governor Chet Culver recently told CNN that flood-water damage is an estimated $10 billion — yes, billion with a B.  Not only is that figure a premature guess, it does not include damage in Illinois or Missouri. 

Here are a few ways to help:

And as stated on Work It, "I’m sure on the ground volunteers are much needed, but close-proximity is essential. So give online if you can."

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So much useless news, so little time:

LTV Headlines

There’s a lot going on in the news, here’s what is catching my eye:

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Wow, lots to report on today:


In remembrance of those who died and in honor of those who continue to serve…



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I’m catching up on work and life after vacation, so all you get is LTV Headlines:

Cut out late night Internet and TV?

… but then there would be no Laptop Television! This is blasphemy!  ;-)

Check out this Reuters story telling sleepy Americans to stop spending the late-night hours in front of the tube and the Internet.  Then put yourself in my shoes… late night is the *only time* I actually have to sit on the couch and watch TV. Yes, I also am working and doing laundry and washing dishes and blogging and online shopping…

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Here are the headlines keeping my attention:

LTV Headlines

So many headlines, so little time:

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