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9/11: In memory and honor

Sept_11_image_2Please, let’s remember this historical day together.

– Visit the 9/11 Digital Archive HERE.
– Visit the news archive HERE.
– Remember the day via photos HERE.
– Discover the NY Times "Portraits in Grief" found HERE.

Regardless of your political beliefs, let’s band together to remember and honor those who died on this tragic day.

God Bless America.

LTV Mom Headlines

It’s been a long time since I shared some headlines, so here you go:

LTV Mom Headlines

"Big News"

Golden Globes

Oh, Baby!

Bad to Worse

LTV Mom in the News!

Wow, getting back to work after a long break is painful.  Sigh, I will blog…

LTV Mom in the News:

Other Headlines:

LTV Headlines

Holiday madness, lots-o-work, and the hubby turns 40.  (Little time to blog.)  Here are the headlines grabbing my attention:

– LTV Mom

LTV Mom Headlines

I am finally winding down from Thanksgiving madness and back-to-work blues.  Here are some headlines catching my eye and making me thankful I don’t live in Hollywood: