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Dear Girl Scouts: “Thank U Berry Munch!”

Since launching this site, I have had some dream opportunities in my life. I have interviewed celebrity chefs, A-list journalists, television stars, and even First Ladies. It’s mind-boggling that this former journalism student turned mom-blogger can have such opportunities, even 20 years after graduation.

All that said, every once and a while, I receive an opportunity that makes me giddy. Thanks to the power of Twitter (and the Girl Scouts in Garden City, NY, I was offered the chance to test and review the newest Girl Scout Cookie, just pulled out of the oven this year, called “Thank U Berry Munch.” (Um, you had me at Girl Scout Cookie.)

While I was excited to test-drive the newest treat, I must be clear about my loyalty to the Thin Mint and Samoas (which are called Caramel deLights in Northern California). I buy boxes and boxes of those cookies as soon as I see Girl Scouts in front of my Safeway grocery store. Honestly, I can eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting.

My family shares this love for Girl Scout Cookies (adding Lemon Cremes to my husband’s list of favorites), so we decided to make this taste-test a multi-generational experience. Today’s taste-testers are: LTV Mom, LTV Dad, LTV Kid (age 5), and our Granny (age 90). Here’s a recap of our taste buds:

LTV Mom: Thank U Berry Munch is a shortbread cookie with tiny bits of dried cranberries. I equate the cookie to a Pecan Sandie, with cranberries instead of pecans. I expected the cookie to be chewy, but it’s nice and crunchy. Honestly, the cookie is better than  I expected and paired nicely with a cup of tea. Thumb’s up!

LTV Dad: Excellent. This cookie has nice flavors, in fact, better flavors than some other Girl Scout cookies. I still prefer the Thin Mint, Somoas and Lemon Creme. [Note: he made this statement as he reached for a second helping of Thank U Berry Munch.]

LTV Kid (age 5): Very good, and I love it til my heart.

Granny (age 90): Very good! Very! Very excellent! This is my new favorite. My daughter was a Girl Scout.

I am happy to report the Thank U Berry Munch cookie was a big hit in my family. While it did not displace the Thin Mint or Somoas, it certainly is a welcomed addition to our annual Girl Scout Cookie feast!

– LTV Mom

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What do BlogHer and Project Runway have in common?

Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn

Q: What do Project Runway and BlogHer have in common?

A: Tim Gunn!

I was in laptop-television heaven this week for two reasons, and I owe my thanks to Tim:

Project Runway on Lifetime

The beginning of the week, I discovered the that Lifetime has launched the new Web site for Project Runway Season 6! If you are a loyal fan of Heidi and Tim, you know that the show has moved from Bravo to Lifetime. It’s a big move, and I am anxious to see how the show evolves, remains (or not).  Check out the new show — which premiers August 20 — on Lifetime.  And remember, if your DVR is set for the show on Bravo, you need to reschedule for Lifetime.  (The season pass will not move networks.)

If you need more Project Runway, you can read the blog, the Facebook page, or the Twitter feed.

BlogHer 09 in Chicago

Tide and Tim Gunn want to know: “What are you Wearing to BlogHer 09?”  Yes, Tim Gunn is making an appearance at this year’s BlogHer, and you even have the chance to win a personal fashion consultation.  The rules, as well as Tim’s packing tips, can be found HERE.

I am supposed to post a photo of what I am wearing to BlogHer in order to win the consultation. I tell you what, a photo of my clothes (jeans, shirt, BlogHer bag from 2007) is just too boring to share!  My look is certainly NOT “a lot of look,” it’s actually quite lame.  So, since “this worries me,” I guess I will have to stop by the Tide booth at BlogHer and try to meet Tim. In other words, I will “make it work!”

– LTV Mom

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