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Bridesmaids and Girlfriends

Bridesmaids and Best Friends

Bridesmaids and Best Friends circa 1994

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about hosting a party to celebrate the DVD release of the movie Bridesmaids. While my post was carefully worded, my post was not entirely true. Let me explain:

When the Bridesmaids PR team asked me if I wanted to host a pre-screening party, I jumped at the chance. (Friends? Laughs? Wine? Kristin Wiig? Count me in!) But the timing of the DVD release coincided with my best friend’s *surprise* 40th birthday weekend get-away. I wanted to write about the movie-watching party, but I couldn’t give away the surprise on my blog. I had to choose my words carefully.

Turns out, the timing was perfect.

You see, if I am going to host a party like the one I described in my post — a party where we look at old wedding photos and use my actual wedding napkins - I want that party to be with my best friends. You know, the friends who were in my wedding, and I was in theirs. I wanted the chance to laugh at wearing bridesmaids dresses with giant shoulder pads, using way too much hairspray and dancing to Push It by Salt-N-Peppa… with the ladies who witnessed it first-hand.

The four of us traveled from our hometowns of Austin, Orange County and Des Moines to the delightful town of Kansas City. We spent the weekend laughing, dancing, drinking, shopping, and oh yes, remembering our weddings. No husbands, no kids, no laundry, no cooking. Just uninterrupted time together. Adding Bridesmaids, a hilarious movie about best friends sharing live-changing moments, was the perfect topper for the weekend. Just like the friends in the movie:

  • The four of us have evolved and grown as people and as friends.
  • We met as kids, and are still best friends 25+ years later.
  • I know exactly what I would put into a personalized “memory box” to present to each of my friends.
  • I know which friend would take us to the exotic restaurant, which friend would create uber-creative and personalized bridal shower invitations, which friend would do something embarrassing on an airplane to make us all laugh, and which friend would grab a microphone and break into song.
  • We were inseparable, and we took time when we needed to focus on building our own lives.
  • And we always came back to each other.

When we were in high school, our go-to movie was Shag because it was about four best friends who went on a high school Spring Break trip together. I think we now can add Bridesmaids to our list of must-watch-and-repeat movies because we are all grown up now and we still love to laugh together. And we will always be there for each other… no matter what.

- LTV Mom

Photo credit: Really? Some things are better left unsaid. But yes, I am the Bridesmaid on the far left. The other three gorgeous ladies are my best friends. Hairspray and curling irons sold separately.

I was provided with a free copy of Bridesmaids on DVD and a party pack of goodies by the PR team representing Universal Studios. I was not compensated for this post, and the words and opinions are my own.

Why I missed the 2010 Mom 2.0 Summit

I was really looking forward to attending the Mom 2.0 Summit this year. I purchased my conference ticket in December, I had my hotel booked, I was even going to travel with one of my favorite clients. It was going to be a great conference with some of my favorite blogging women.

And then, I learned my daughter’s dance team would be performing at Disneyland that same weekend. No contest.  (I love my fellow blogging-mamas… but I love my kid more.)  I quickly found a new owner for my Mom 2.0 ticket, and booked a flight to the OC. I’m not sure who was more excited: my little dancer or her mama (who has impressive stage-mom potential).

My husband and I gathered our best friends in Silicon Valley, and our best friends in Orange County, and we all trekked to Disneyland. We braved roller coasters, consumed cotton candy, hugged Mickey and Minnie, and marveled at my five-year-old dancing on stage! Our family had a good time at Disneyland and a great time watching the Big Show. My little girl may not be the next Cyd Charisse, but she is cute as a button!

Take a look at the video, and you too will understand why I can wait until 2011 to attend the Mom 2.0 Summit.

– LTV Mom

Video Credit: totally goes to Tulia’s Dad (not only is he a Bay Area firefighter and EMT, he’s awesome at getting video off his video camera and to a place where people can actually see it!)

Dad and Daughter at Disneyland

Dad and Daughter at Disneyland

Dad and Daughter at Disneyland

My family just returned from a wonderful vacation that included a trip to Disneyland and California Adventures.  We spend two days riding the tea cups, eating Cotton Candy, and meeting Princesses!  It was special to spend so much time together, even if our four-year-old was completely spoiled at the end of the trip.

Regardless, our trip was another reminder of how much I love watching a daddy and his daughter!  My two favorite people melt my heart!

I recently wrote a post about “Dads with Daughters” over at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog — click HERE to take a read.

– LTV Mom

WINOS Pick of the Week: Goosecross Cellars

My husband and I discovered Goosecross Cellars about 10 years ago, and I recently re-discovered their  delicious wines with my girlfriends during a trip to Napa Valley. I introduced my three long-time friends (think best friends since high school!) to Calif. wine country, and I wanted them to experience the charming, warm, personal side of Napa.  Goosecross Cellars was an easy choice.

The winery tasting room is tucked away from the busy highways and thoroughfares of Napa.  It is a quaint room with friendly (and funny!) wine educators, which I’m pretty sure is the new term for sales staff.  We tasted many fantastic red and white wines, and as a result, I had to whip out my credit card to cover the big purchase. 

I shared one of the Goosecross Cabernets over Thanksgiving weekend, and decided it must be my WINOS Pick of the Week. I opened the 2005 Napa Valley Cab, and it was simply delicious.  The wine is flavorful, smooth and tastes like rich berries with a touch of chocolate.  We sipped the wine while sampling a cheese platter and munching on sausage appetizers… and I made certain there was not a drop of the wine left in the bottle. (It’s worth noting the 2004 Howell Mountain Caberent is even better, but the $69 price tag is forcing me to save it for my birthday!)

If you aren’t close to Napa Valley, the Goosecross Cellars online wine store can be found HERE.

Whether you like reds or whites — or even chocolate-dipped wines– I highly recommend Goosecross Cellars.  Every wine is enjoyable and memorable.


I’m back from a Maui vacation, and am busy catching with work, laundry, bills and other mundane tasks.  In the meantime, I will simply hold on to this image: